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Government Shutdown Options
#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 1, 2013 10:26:40 AM
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Joined: 7/1/2008
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YAY! No more gummint.
At least for a while,
it will be doing what it's
supposed to be doing -
essential services. (Plus
some universal spying,
of course.)
#2 Posted : Saturday, October 19, 2013 12:14:32 PM
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Joined: 7/1/2008
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The goverment shutdown was caused by an incompatent leader (but well designed) as it takes months to get requisitions filed and ordered. But the morning after the shutdown they had enough barriers, signs, and equipment to close down parks, jobs, and attention grabbing propaganda.
Wonder How That Was Accomplished???

That was designed to put the blame squarley on the house even though thier first bill sustained the goverment's money situation, it just wanted equality for every American when it come to this new health care system or none at all.

This document has had 900+ pages added to it since it was heard by the Supreme Court, and passed without most people even having a chance to read the document (which is much larger than the bible) before passing it.
No One Really Has Any Idea What Is In It

Frustration currently floods American streets like rainwater after a sudden Oklahoma thunderstorm. People stand soaked in anger, disbelief and disappointment that the greatest governmental system in the world has devolved into a political food fight. I join my neighbors in that deep frustration.

Some believe things have never been worse. However, our recent arguments have dominated the American story since John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Adams wanted more government; Jefferson wanted more liberty. Does that sound familiar? The problems we face today are complicated, but we can solve these issues if we are willing to address our significant federal spending problem and finally admit that the federal government tries to oversee more than it can or should administer.

The White House chooses to ignore any problems with the “Affordable Care Act” as irrelevant or minor. But the concerns with the healthcare law are valid, and they are staring us in the face. The real issue with Obamacare is not bad web design, it is bad policy. This law is the latest example of a federal government trying to manage more than it can handle. President Obama promised his signature healthcare law would reduce costs, increase the quality of care and provide greater access to care. The hope he promised has not lived up to the reality of the law.

It is appropriate to struggle as a nation over how to care for those in need in our society. We are all called to love our neighbor. We should find a way for our common compassion to make the greatest difference in the lives and families of others. But at the same moment, we must determine if we are hurting more than helping. We are currently subsidizing this generation by continually taking from the next. This year, the federal government will receive the highest amount of tax revenue in history but still overspend the budget by more than $700 billion. We have a serious spending problem.

Washington D.C’s current impasse is the latest example of a nation that cannot decide if we need to fix the debt now or later. One side believes the financial and cultural consequences of overspending are pressing in on us, and we need to solve our problems now. The other side also sees our large debt but believes there is no looming threat, so we can continue borrowing without significant fiscal changes.

As our nation faces another debt ceiling debate, it is the perfect moment to determine how we stop piling up so much debt. America has $17 trillion in debt and over $71 trillion in obligations that we cannot pay. Debt of that size will not solve itself; it will only grow and dominate our future. The temporary crisis of a government shutdown pales in comparison to the long-term debt crisis we face, if we do not change course.

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