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Just Thinkin'

Opening the can
  It kinda seems to me that N. Korea is askin' for a great BIG can of whoopa** to be opened up and poured all over them!!  I'm glad that us 'evil people' have pinpoint bombs, so that they can go right where they need to - the poor people of  N. Korea are already suffering enough from the banta roosters that're makin' all the noise!  I'm not sure what they're thinkin', but there'ye definitely not thinkin' right!
  I'm sick and tired of those inflated egos, propagandizers and arrogant little turds threatening to blow up half the world, when they just now are able to put an animal into space!  Who do they think they're kiddin'?  I have a feeling that they're gonna do somethin' REAL stupid soon.  Iran's not all that far away from N. Korea...Might not need too many 'boots on the ground' - I think that once the oppressive blowhard's are dealt with, that the people will be able to get things straight...with a little help.(as soon as they understand that there needs to be a separation between church and state).
  And while I'm at it:  I think we need to bring ALL the troops back from Afganistan and Iraq!  The people of the Middle East have been killing each other for (at least) 3000 years...they're NOT going to stop!...ever!  We just need to get out, and stay out.  We've been fighting over there for I don't know how many years, and nothing's really changed!  As soon as we pull out, it'll be back to business as usual, with all the religious factions going at it like they have since before Moses.  If anyone should get involved in that mess, it should be nations that neighbor them or the people that have had to put up with it.  We kicked the British out when we were barely a Nation!
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