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Just Thinkin'

More Fun Things to Think About
  I know we've all got pleasant things on our minds:  N. Korea; Iran; Afganistan; Syria; etc., etc.,  etc.  But I've one more for ya.
  If you haven't read Stephen King's "The Stand" (or seen the mini-series that was on TV a few years ago), I would definitely advise it!  It won't make you happy.
  The acting's not so great; the directing isn't either (especially the ridiculous, and impossible, positions they have the dead people in).  But, don't blame King...he has a bigger part than he has before in one of his movies (he usually has  just a cameo)...but he's not the director.
  But...if you disregard the religious symbolism, like: Randall Flagg (the walking dude) as being the Devil (or his disciple); and the old black woman as being his counterpart; and the communal dreams the characters share...and just stick to the rest of it - you'll have one more thing to be scared of.
  When Stephen King wrote that book, he was seriously questioned as to where he got the idea for such a book...by people from 'our government'.  Whether they were from the DOD...or the "Men in Black", I don't know.  I think we're all aware that there are biological 'research' facilities all over this country (and certainly many others ) too.  Supposedly they're for making vaccines against possible bio-weapons made by one of our many enemies...to which I loudly say "Bull****"!!
  They're making vaccines alright...and not very many doses...for diseases they know all about.  Just like in the book/series, it's inevitable that one (or more) of these bugs are going to get loose (if not get used) one of these days.  And...just like Yellowstone erupting...there's no way to tell when - just that it will happen.

Friday, May 31, 2013 12:25 AM by
That was the best of Stephen Kings books! It's been years and years since I read the book and don't remember much of either book or movie. Only that of all his books it was the best, so graphic. The nose running thing is still in my mind.
More Fun
Friday, May 31, 2013 1:03 AM by jec4765
I really suggest getting the book, or better yet, rent the series on DVD. There's a lot of stupid, ridiculous directing screw-ups...but the pith of the book/series is more scary than anything else he's written...because this could happen tomorrow - here, or someplace else. There's no 'It', no 'Bag of Bones', caretaker goin nuts with an axe. This could really happen...and I'm surprised it hasn't already - but I think it's a very real possibility.
Do the numbers: an auto-mutating virus; that's 99%+ contagious, that's 99%+ fatal; with symptoms that start off like a cold or the flu; that doesn't get bad or debilitating for several days; with the victim contagious from the first sneeze or cough; since it mutates until it wears the victims immune system out...how could a vaccine be made?
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