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God Bless Our Troops
A favorite prayer for our troops .

Thank You For Aswered Prayer Oh God .

Our troops are home for Christmas and the war is over . We offer great gratitude and praise Oh God .  Continue to bless our troups as veterans now and help them in every way physically, psycologically  and spiritually to  stay strong and confident in their ways to become american citizens again .. Let them be honored by a gratefull nation . May they find  hope , security and the great american dream of suffecient wealth and a happy , healthy loving family that walks with your son , Jesus .


                                           In Jesus Christ Holy Name , Amen

Oh God , Bless our troops with great wisdom , strength and courage . Increase their faith, hope and charity . Protect them from all dangers both temporal and spiritual . Guide them in their ways and bring them home again . In Jesus Christ Strong Name , Amen