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The Skeptic
Oh, yeah? Sez who?

Stream of Consciousness
I really should check the comments on my posts from time to time. What threw me off for a while was that I would get to the bottom of the page and see "posted such and such a date, with 0 comments", and figure that meant there were no comments.
Hmpph. That's not the bottom of the page, and if I had just scrolled down a leeetle
further, I would have seen that there were people trying to talk to me. Comment after comment after comment. The last one a few days old now.
Something similar happened to me last summer after I got the PPD website up and going. I had been checking it religiously every day for a month and a half, but it was a complete blank as far as incoming, but since I hadn't advertised the site, the only possible contacts would have come from someone who accidentally stumbled across it. So I quit checking so regularly, and sure enough, a potential customer logged on with a question that I didn't see for a week. Said pot. cust. evaporated into the internet ether, despite my frantic belated efforts to contact her, and who could blame her?
Hope that doesn't happen here, though.
Ah, gardening. Sizewise, I  may have bitten off more than I can chew this year. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything planted; or at least, not enough hours that I'm willing to devote to planting.
All the cole starts are finally in the ground, mostly looking healthy, and some brussels sprouts and broccoli plated from seed are sprouting. Not the carrots, though, and not the beans. Fifteen 50-foot rows planted 4/30 and 5/1, and not a single bean sprouting; 10-14 days for germination, supposedly. Oh, well, maybe as it gets a little warmer.
The good news is the corn is beginning to sprout, a few more asparagus spears are showing, the tomato transplants are holding up well, the onions are doing great, all but the latest-planted potatoes are up, squash seeds (and one start) and melon seeds (and two starts) are in the ground, 1/2 the pepper starts went in yesterday.
As things begin to look pickable, I'll try an ad or two in the newspapers to see if it brings any traffic to the PPD website, which I have modified to alert me through my regular e-mail ao as not to lose any more pot. custs. due to late response.
Well, back to the garden to see what I can get done before the rain hits.
See you later.
Replies to comments
Sunday, September 25, 2011 12:42 AM by pgculater
Well, I can't see any other way to reply to a comment; maybe posting my own comment will suffice.
So, ilovejcsog, what do you like best about gardening?
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